Discover the Trendiest Neighborhoods in Louisville

Discover the trendiest neighborhoods in Louisville from Bridgemore Estates to Poplar Woods. Explore these exclusive neighborhoods and find your perfect fit.

Discover the Trendiest Neighborhoods in Louisville

Louisville is a vibrant city with a plethora of neighborhoods to explore. From Germantown Vintage Collective to the Art Sanctuary, there are plenty of places to shop and explore. Enjoy a delicious breakfast sandwich or a New York-style Mediterranean pizza at The Post. Or head to Atrium Brewing for craft beers like Scruffy Outlier or Key Lime Pie Boy.

Bridgemore Estates is an exclusive neighborhood located in the easternmost part of Jefferson County, just off Long Run Road. The lots are large, ranging from 4 to 5 acres, with approximately 30 housing sites. The house you see above was built in 1927 and is the larger house with a larger lot. It looks like a stately mansion that you can find in England or Ireland.

This Louisville neighborhood is almost as charming as you can tell from this photo. Old houses with excellent finishes and larger than average lots, but still in the heart of the city. Spring Farm and Spring Farm Lake are two upscale neighborhoods in Prospect that offer luxury new construction. Glenview is a unique neighborhood located on the east end of Louisville before reaching Prospect.

It has some of the most incredible properties in the entire city, with lots of mature trees and beautiful views. Mockingbird Gardens is one of Louisville's luxury communities located just south of I-71 and east of Mockingbird Valley Road. The Hurstbourne neighborhood is conveniently located close to lots of shops, restaurants and local businesses. Harrods Glen is part of the original Fincastle farm and is located off Wolf Pen Branch Road in Prospect.

Poplar Woods is situated in Goshen, Kentucky and consists of 108 acres of permanent open space, and 93 ranch-sized lots offer gently undulating, wooded topography. Lastly, Cherokee Triangle is a booming neighborhood in Louisville, ideal for young professionals due to its low crime rates and employment opportunities. No matter what your preference is, Louisville has something for everyone! From Bridgemore Estates to Poplar Woods, explore these trendiest neighborhoods and find your perfect fit.

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