Exploring the Best Dining Neighborhoods in Louisville

Explore the diverse neighborhoods of Louisville for delicious dining options! From Schnitzelburg to NuLu to Clifton, there are plenty of amazing restaurants to choose from.

Exploring the Best Dining Neighborhoods in Louisville

Louisville is a vibrant city with a wide variety of neighborhoods, each offering its own unique dining experience. From Schnitzelburg's Finn's Southern Kitchen and Lydia's House to Old Town Louisville's Burger Boy Diner and Mag Bar, there are plenty of delicious restaurants to explore. Further south, Coconut Beach Tacos & Beer and Santa Fe Grill provide amazing tacos and Mexican cuisine. And don't forget about the University of Louisville's Comfy Cow ice cream!Crossing the bridge into Southern Indiana is also worth it for the amazing food and drink options.

Big Four Burgers, The Red Yeti Brewing Company, Flat 12 Bierwerks, and Match Cigar Bar are just a few of the great places to check out. And if you travel a little further to New Albany, you'll find Feast BBQ, Toast, The Exchange, Dragon King's Daughter, Brooklyn & The Butcher, Gospel Bird and NABC Bank Street Brewhouse. For a romantic evening out, Seviche and Jack Fry's are excellent choices. Or if you're looking for something more international, Ramsi's Cafe On the World has an extensive menu with everything from Indian curry to falafel. Morrell's Cafe also offers up a plant-based version of Arby's roast beef and cheddar cheese that tastes like a self-service favorite.

And don't forget about Oishii Sushi for a wide variety of rolls or sashimi. NuLu is another great neighborhood for dining in Louisville. With its art galleries and restaurants, it's the perfect place to spend First Friday. The Garage Bar is great for outdoor table tennis and drinks, while Against the Grain downtown has an amazing smokehouse menu and beautiful taproom. MilkWood offers an Asian dish with a comforting Southern twist.

And don't forget about Butchertown Grocery for an excellent menu and artisanal cocktails. The Clifton neighborhood is another small dining corner in Louisville with Frankfort Avenue home to some particularly delicious places to eat. And if you're looking for something more affordable, Old Louisville has plenty of Victorian homes scattered throughout the city. Plus, Butchertown is currently experiencing a lot of revitalization with classic Victorian houses and century-old trees lining almost any street.

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